OT 644

Occupational Therapy for Mental Health

The purpose of this course is to increase knowledge of mental disorders, frames of reference for treatment, activity analysis in mental health activity interventions, and generally the occupational therapy processes in mental health or psychosocial treatment. Further, it is designed to sensitize students to issues surrounding psychiatry and its place in American society and in the world. Thus, while the instructors acquaint students with the currently practiced medical model of psychiatry, they also present comparative perspectives on culture and mental health, critiques of the medical model, alternative models and opinions on the relationship of occupational therapy to these models. The American Occupational Therapy Association and the AOTA Mental Health Special Interest Section have made it part of their agenda to collaborate with mental health consumer groups in improving the delivery of respectful services for psychosocial rehabilitation and recovery, and thus the recovery model is a focus for this course. Brown and Stoffel's textbook acknowledges the importance of the recovery movement to the client-centered, occupation-based practice of our profession and its congruence with Occupational Therapy values.