OT 612

Neuroscience for Occupational Therapy

This foundation course is designed to introduce occupational therapy students to the basic and applied principles of the human nervous system in terms of development, gross and microscopic structure, neurophysiology, basic functions and the integration of these functions into motor activity and cognitive/affective behavior. The anatomical/functional relationship foundation will provide the basis for understanding of consequences of selected congenital anomalies, behaviorial disorders, and disease and injury of the neuraxis. Introduction to tactile sensory testing is included. The overall organizing principle of this course is based in linking structure/function/dysfunction for the major regions and systems of the nervous system. The content is focused in such a way as to emphasize an occupational therapist's need to understand neurological principles from three major perspectives: developmental, sensori-motor, and cognitive/affective. It is not the intent of this course to provide a comprehensive review of clinical conditions, assessment procedures or treatment protocols. Those topics are covered in other courses.