BIOE 400

Bioethics Integration Seminar

This is the capstone course required of all students who aim to attain the interdisciplinary curricular designation of Emphasis in Bioethics. In this senior seminar students pull together the ethical implications of the courses they have taken toward the BIOE designation. Students individually or collaboratively examine a bioethical case issue from the variety of disciplinary perspectives that comprise the program in an attempt to understand the full complexity of the issue. The course rotates among Bioethics core faculty from different disciplines, who help model for students the challenges and promises of cross-disciplinary integration on particular issues of relevance. The following themes serve as semester-long focal points depending on which of the core faculty is teaching the course in any given year: Moral Philosophy, Ethics of Research, Narrative Medicine, Health Inequalities, Patient/Physician Interactions, Animal Models in Science & Art, Emerging Technologies in Science & Ethics.

Prerequisites: Bioethics Emphasis and REL 292.