ENGL 442

Seventeenth Century English Literature

The seventeenth century in England saw a split in the political nation and in Protestantism that led to the Civil War, along with major shifts in physical and political science, cosmology, and spirituality. In the light of these events, the course looks at the work of the writers of the period (especially Bacon, Donne, Wroth, Herbert, Hobbes, Browne, Milton, Marvell, Dryden, Bunyan, Newton, and Locke), examining such issues as the cultures of the court and the town; the representation of authority in religion, politics, and art; the emergence of "modern" perspectives in the physical sciences and the political concept of the individual; the literature of Anglicans, Catholics, Puritans, and Quakers; writing by women; the "Metaphysical" poem; the development of Baroque and Classical styles; Jacobean and Restoration drama, and the Miltonic epic.

Prerequisites: ENGL 221 or ENGL 222 or permission of instructor.