INTN 498

Faculty-Sponsored Internship

Students who enroll in this course develop an individualized learning plan with a faculty sponsor to connect off-campus internship site experience with study in the student's academic area of interest. The learning plan includes required reading and writing assignments, as well as a culminating project or paper. Students receive 1.0 unit of academic credit for the academic work that augments their concurrent internship fieldwork. The internship sponsored by an individual member of the faculty will be designated with the department abbreviation of the faculty member. This course is not applicable to the Upper-Division Graduation Requirement.Only 1.0 unit may be assigned to an individual internship and no more than 2.0 units of internship credit, or internship credit in combination with internship or co-operative education credit, may be applied to an undergraduate degree.

Prerequisites: Junior or senior standing, 2.5 GPA, ability to complete 120 hours at internship site, approval of the CES internship coordinator, and completion of learning agreement.