AFAM 265

Thinking Ethically

This course provides students with tools of ethical analysis so that they can think critically about pressing contemporary moral issues, such as friendship and justice. To narrow the scope, the course focuses on ethical methods from Christianity and western philosophy. Students examine from a multicultural perspective the long-standing philosophical treatment of friendship as a virtue and the Christian challenge to that idea. Are friendships suspect because they are based on preference rather than universal love? Students then explore what being an ally entails in the context of white supremacy. The course then turns to healthcare justice in a global context. Students examine different models of justice and their implications for healthcare policy. Finally, students address the moral significance of the past for what they ought to do today. Other nations have taken on the tasks of reparative justice in response to mass murder and tyranny. What might reparative justice mean for U.S. citizens given their history of genocide and slavery? Should those who bear no direct liability for past wrong be the ones to make things right? Crosslisted as AFAM/REL 265.