EXSC 424

Recent Advances in Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Neuroplasticity

This course explores the cellular and molecular mechanisms related to neuromuscular plasticity. Neuromuscular adaptation events such as denervation, spaceflight, hindlimb unloading, spinal cord injury, disease, injury, aging, disuse, immobility, chronic low-frequency stimulation, exercise, and compensatory hypertrophy are discussed. Molecular and cellular changes including neurotrophic factors, microRNAs (miRNAs), myogenic regulatory factors, and muscle-specific gene expression, and their effects on neuromuscular plasticity and/or neurorehabilitation are explored. Secondary events such as glucose metabolism, insulin sensitivity, bone density, locomotion, and cardiovascular and respiratory function are also examined.

Prerequisites: EXSC 200 or 270, 221, and 222. NRSC 201 is recommended.