ENGL 374

Literature and the Environment

This course studies the development of environmental writing in English-language texts with an emphasis on 20th- and 21st-century fiction, poetry, and memoir. Covering a wide range of geographical settings and literary genres, this course investigates each text as an argument for a particular ¿reading¿ of the environment and further considers the real-world consequences of that reading. Informed by recent ecocritical scholarship on topics ranging from animal studies to embodied nature to ¿Dark Ecology,¿ ENGL 374 explores works by authors such as Henry David Thoreau, Barbara Kingsolver, Octavia Butler, Mary Oliver, and Gary Snyder as it considers the intersection of aesthetic practice and ethical intervention.

Prerequisites: For English majors, ENGL 220 and one course from ENGL 221-239; for EPDM minors, ENVR 101.