ENGL 346

Jane Eyre and its Afterlives

This course is concerned with the endurance of the "Jane Eyre" story (itself an elaboration of the Cinderella myth). Beginning with Charlotte Bront?'s Jane Eyre (1847), students examine a variety of stories, novels, and films that rework aspects of Bront?'s vision. Students study the context of each revision and its commentary on the original text and examine shifts in the critical and feminist reception of these texts. Texts vary, but are selected from the following: Braddon, Gissing, James, Woolf, Forster, du Maurier, Rhys, Kincaid, Balasubramanyam, Winterson. Students produce both creative and analytic work.

Prerequisites: ENGL 220. One course from ENGL 221-239 strongly recommended.