ENGL 478

Jane Eyre and Revision

This course is concerned with the endurance of the "Jane Eyre" story in fiction. Beginning with Charlotte Bronte's <em>Jane Eyre</em> (1847), students examine a variety of novels and films that attempt to rewrite some aspects of the original. Students examine the context each revision emerges from and what it does to the status of the original. Finally, students consider shifts in the critical and feminist reception of these texts. Texts vary, but are selected from the following: Braddon, Gissing, James, Woolf, Forster, du Maurier, Rhys, Kincaid, Balasubramanyam, Winterson.

Prerequisites: ENGL 210. Students who have received credit for ENGL 470 (Jane Eyre) may not receive credit for ENGL 478.