ENGL 211

Introduction to Creative Writing

This course investigates the affinities among various forms of creative writing as it introduces students to the study of two or three genres of literature and facilitates their own creative work. Primary emphasis is on short fiction and/or poetry, but other genres studied may include drama, screenwriting, memoir, creative nonfiction, graphic novels, children's book writing, or songwriting. Whatever genres a particular course section selects, the emphasis is on teaching fundamental literary concepts with broad applicability and identifying "pivot points" that offer opportunities for comparative analysis. Assignments in this course emphasize writing as a process and include selected reading of canonical and contemporary poems, short stories, plays, and/or other literature; regular writing exercises, both at-home and in-class; midsemester and final self-assessment essays and portfolios; in-class discussions; and peer reviews, both written and oral. A required reading of student work is held at the end of the term.