CWLT 100

Strategies for College Reading

College reading presents significant challenges, both in the amount of material assigned and in the complexity of ideas. Students frequently remark that they have difficulty getting through the required reading in a course, that they have problems concentrating on the material, or that they cannot remember what they have read. They are expected to learn to read selectively but carefully, to identify passages that require close reading, and to search out the structure of a text. Furthermore, assigned reading is often a diverse collection of primary and secondary sources, rather than sections from one authoritative textbook. This course is designed to help students become more demanding and skillful readers, able to effectively navigate the demands of college reading. Students develop new techniques to improve their reading efficiency, both in terms of speed and comprehension. By making reading and studying into a conscious activity, students are better able to extract information from a scholarly text, critically question the material they read, flexibly adjust reading strategies according to the task, and vary their reading speed to enhance comprehension. Class instruction is supplemented by an online speed reading program, although this class is not primarily concerned with speed reading.