COMM 291

Film Culture

This course uses film as its text to examine diverse and competing views of full and equal membership in human communities, and the perceived worth of marginalized groups as members of those communities. Course materials examine the role of film and film genre in constructing and challenging cultural identity with special emphasis on race, gender, and sexuality. The course explores new queer cinema, new African American cinema, and feminist film sensibilities n the context of historical and contemporary film genre. The course examines the role of human tragedy, comedy, film noir, and postmodern drama in the cinematic articulation of human identity and cultural values. The course is particularly focused upon tensions in cinema that address competing notions of 'stable' and 'fluid' human identity. The course offers students an opportunity to reflect upon a broad range of historical and contemporary film texts that address issues of cultural identity, belonging, and resistance in the human community.

Prerequisites: Sophomore standing or permission of instructor.