CHEM 333

Environmental Analytical Chemistry

The course emphasizes the analytical process in making environmental chemistry measurements. An overview of methods used for the chemical analysis of air, soil, and water will be covered. Special attention will be given to sampling, quality assurance, spectroscopic measurements and chromatographic separations with mass spectral determination. This course will build on the analysis techniques presented in the prerequisite courses and apply them to the specific challenges when dealing with complex environmental systems. This course will have a laboratory component to give hands on experience to illustrate some of these analytical challenges. The lab meets during the regularly scheduled course periods. This class will have field trips to local and state laboratories and environmental facilities. Three to four field trips will be scheduled from the following list (and perhaps others): City of Tacoma wastewater treatment plant, City of Tacoma Environmental Labs at the Center for Urban Waters, the hazardous materials facility and old dump at the City of Tacoma?s transfer station, the Washington Department of Ecology?s Manchester lab in Port Orchard, and the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency.

Prerequisites: CHEM 230 or 231, and 250.