BUS 451

Organizational Behavior

This course examines how individuals behave in and around organizations and how organizations themselves behave. Every day, we share time with other individuals and operate within organizations. When we understand the behavior of the individuals and organizations in our lives, we can better establish expectations, operate efficiently, and achieve our goals. This class gives students the opportunity to learn concepts and develop perspective that will help them effectively manage individuals and organizations. At the level of the individual, students will learn about self-preservation, giving and receiving feedback, personality, networking, career planning, creating success, and responding to failure. At the level of organization, student will learn about teamwork, structure, culture, identity, change, resistance to change, and overcoming resistance to change. In Organizational Behavior, students will apply what they learn to their own lives and to the University of Puget Sound. This application will allow students to investigate concepts in depth and to develop first-hand knowledge of their value. In addition, it challenges students to better understand themselves and the organizations in which they participate. In addition, Organizational Behavior gives students an opportunity to develop skills in writing, presentation, and working in groups.