SSI2 143

Controversies of Communication and Technology

Technology is now a pervasive aspect of daily life. In this course, students discuss controversies as they relate to technology and communication. Some technology-related discussion topics include online privacy, cyberbullying, surveillance, trolling, and online dating. In addition to reading about developing and structuring arguments, students view relevant media and read popular press and academic articles about various issues relating to technology and communication. In the process of examining these controversies, students encounter the two central aspects of the humanistic tradition of rhetorical education: argumentation and effective oral and written expression. Students engage in a variety of activities and exercises and prepare a final project of an extended policy paper, designed to develop their fluency in written composition and oral expression and refine their ability to argue in a variety of contexts. Students are required to retrieve, evaluate, and integrate primary academic sources into each course project. Affiliate department: Communication Studies.

Prerequisites: SSI2 enrollment requires completion of SSI1 seminar