SSI2 177

The Digital Present and Our Possible Techno Futures

This course is desgined to explore the wildly ramified effects digital technology is having on people's intellectual, educational, social, professional, and economic lives. Students will be introduced to a number of arguments about the nature and consequences of some of the changes digital technology is fostering; however, each student is asked to pose his or her own scholarly question within this broad field of inquiry. These questions, and the research they inspire and require, will shape the true content of the course. Students leave this course with new and imporant information about the potential futures made possible by digital technology. More importantly, however, they leave this course with information literacy, research practices and habits, analytical and argumentative strategies, and rhetorical skills they use across the Puget Sound curriculum and throughout their intellectual lives. Affiliate: English.

Prerequisites: SSI2 enrollment requires completion of SSI1 seminar