SSI2 136

Suburbia: Dream or Nightmare?

This course builds explicitly on skills students develop in SSI 1 by requiring them to produce an extended piece (12-15 pages) of independent writing. The course first offers an introduction to the history of U.S. suburbanization, expecially the post-WWII rise of the suburban ideal, during which students familiarize themselves with the existing critical conversations regarding the causes and implications of our love affair with suburban living. The majority of the course is then spent on the sequential, guided development of individual research projects, with an emphasis on the essential processes of scholarly research: posing a research question, performing research, drafting, refining, and revising. The course divides the research process into a series of shorter assignments, and emphasizes the recursive and collaborative elements of successful writing. Students will also be asked to present their work orally at several stages, and to reflect on both the product and process of their work in the course. Affiliate department: English.

Prerequisites: SSI2 enrollment requires completion of SSI1 seminar