SSI2 160

Modernism: Early 20th Century Art, Literature, and Music

In this course students examine the literature, art, and music of the Modernist movement. Focusing on the most important figures¿Picasso, Woolf, Eliot, Stravinsky, etc.¿students trace the development of a style that pushed the boundaries all of the arts as it attempted to understand a radically changing world. Students become fluent in their ability to distinguish between the multiple movements within Modernism¿Imagism, Cubism, Surrealism, the Harlem Renaissance, Bauhaus, etc.¿and even try their hand at some of their techniques. Students ponder their dreams with Freud, sing ¿off-key¿ with Stravinsky, turn the world into geometry with Picasso, and figure out why Frank Lloyd Wright would stick a house right on top of a waterfall. While offering a broad view of the period, this course aims, above all, to ignite the imagination while demanding critical thinking and expert writing. Affiliate department: English.

Prerequisites: SSI2 enrollment requires completion of SSI1 seminar