SSI1 110

Examining Dogs Through the Lens of Science

Humans share their homes with dogs, spend billions of dollars every year on their needs, and worry about what they are feeling. Although dogs and humans have been sharing their lives for thousands of years, most people do not realize that such an intimate association between two different species of animals is highly unusual. How, when, and why did this association come about? Of all animals to domesticate and bring into our homes, why did early humans choose a predator? What do dogs know about humans and what do humans really know about what dogs think and feel? This course introduces students to essential elements of academic discourse. Through learning about the evolution and social cognition of dogs, students learn to distinguish between different types of sources (scholarly v. popular; primary v. secondary) and practice the art of close reading. Students also gain experience using sources judiciously and effectively to build arguments and support a position. Affiliate department: Biology.