SSI2 131

Democratic Labors in Athens and America

This course examines two critical moments in the history of Western democracy: the restitution of the Athenian democracy in 403 BCE and the Woman?s Suffrage and labor movements in Greenwich Village in 1913. Students play two roles (one in the Athens game, one in the Greenwich Village game), based on historical individuals and/or principles, exploring the complexities, challenges, and limits of democratic practice. Students do extensive research and writing, defending arguments in online posts, during in-class discussions and debates, and in papers. Thus students test the principles of democracy in relation to specific historical events and social forces (e.g., class, gender, and race) in a practical environment of negotiation and compromise. As an SSI course, this course emphasizes the continued development of skills in source evaluation, framing questions, critical thinking, and written/oral argumentation, with the goal of students producing substantive and scholarly research. Affiliate department: Classics.