SPAN 310

Special Topics in Literary and Cultural Studies

SPAN 310 offers in-depth study of literary and cultural topics in the Spanish-speaking world that are interdisciplinary in nature, multiregional in approach, and genre inclusive. As such, it incorporates short story, poetry, drama, essay, and film, and it covers several regions, including but not limited to the Southern Cone, Central America, the Caribbean, and Spain. Potential topics for this rubric are advanced culture courses, literatures of the periphery, narratives of the migration experience, advanced translation, linguistics, or any course which is interdisciplinary in nature. In addition to learning about the concrete topic of the class, students develop their critical skills, and improved their speaking, reading, and writing skills in Spanish. This course is taught entirely in Spanish. Because content will change, this course may be repeated for credit.

Prerequisites: Any one of SPAN 203, 204, 205, 210, 211, 212, or equivalent.