SOAN 303

Contemporary Immigration, Race, and Immigration Regimes in the U.S.

As a central feature of the history of the United States, immigration has been deeply intertwined with dynamics of race and citizenship. The aim of this course is to provide a distinctly sociological perspective on immigration in the United States from 1965 to the present with an emphasis on historically new immigrant groups, primarily immigrants of color, and the ways that this era of immigration has altered the demographic makeup of the country. The course will delve into the increasingly sophisticated border technologies, changing legislation, and civil laws that have created a unique experience for immigrants in the 21st century - in particular, the creation of the "illegal immigrant." In order to grasp the effects of this unique configuration of immigration, race, and citizenship, this course will pay special attention to the everyday experience, identity creation, mental health and physiological consequences, educational, and labor obstacles of contemporary immigrants.

Prerequisites: SOAN 101 or 102 recommended.