SOAN 296

Anthropological Theory

Anthropological theory sees the world through a disciplinary lens that focuses on culture -- shared understandings -- while looking broadly and holistically at the human condition across a broad range of times and places. This course invites students to "think anthropologically" as they become familiar with the various lines of though that have characterized anthropology since its earliest days to the present. In addition, students also learn to grapple theoretically with a contemporary problem and articulating their thoughts on the issues in terms of relevant anthropological theorists. Examples of problems that could be considered in the course include the following: the issue of 'ownership' of indigenous culture, the unresolved problems of multiculturalism, or the interrelationships linking globalization, terrorism, and genocide. The course involves heavy reading demands and is conducted seminar style with students expected to lead and contribute to class discussions on a daily basis.

Prerequisites: SOAN 101 or 102 or permission of the instructor.