SOAN 314


Criminology is widely defined as the study of the nature, causes, and dynamics of crime and crime control in society. Accordingly, criminologists are often concerned with a range of issues including the structural determinants of crime, victimology, social-psychological characteristics of criminals and penology. Any attempt to explore these issues requires that one be cognizant of the assumptions (implicit and explicit), values, and social forces involved in shaping the study of crime and related issues. Partly based on this, the course is designed with the following objectives: 1) to foster sociological understanding of the issues outlined above. The application of such an approach requires a constant awareness of the interplay between individuals and social forces in examining and understanding this social phenomenon; 2) to critically examine the conventional wisdom and select social science based theories about crime and society; and 3) to develop an appreciation of the complexity of the crime phenomenon as well as criminological discourse.