PT 646

Orthopedic Evaluation and Treatment II

A continuation of PT 641, this course is designed to provide the student with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform orthopedic musculoskeletal and neuromuscular evaluations and interventions utilizing manual therapy (to include spinal mobilizations and spinal manipulations, upper extremity mobilizations and manipulations) and therapeutic exercise for the patient with cervical spine, thoracic spine, ribs cage, temporalmandibular and/or upper extremity pathology. Approximately 30 percent of class time is devoted to lecture on the basics of orthopedic management. Emphasis is placed on the student?s ability to interpret findings from a systemized evaluation and to develop appropriate pathology specific procedures including manual therapy, spinal manipulation, and therapeutic exercise based on current research and literature, and biomechanical theory. Laboratory experience comprises approximately 70 percent of class time for skill development. Radiologic spine imaging is continued from PT 641, with content covering imaging of the cervical and thoracic spines, upper extremity, available imaging modalities, systematic scanning, and appropriateness criteria covered in detail and integrated into aspects of patient care. Clinical experience in the on-site clinic and internships provides opportunity to refine these skills, as well as synthesize information gained in the classroom and lab settings.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of PT 641 and second year status in the Physical Therapy program.