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Tuition Insurance

Your investment in your education is a significant and important one. Our experience is that a small percentage of enrolled students unexpectedly find it necessary to withdraw from Puget Sound for medical reasons. With this in mind we suggest that you consider tuition insurance to help safeguard your tuition investment.

Puget Sound offers reasonably priced tuition insurance through A.W.G. Dewar. This plan protects your educational investment by reimbursing 80% of net tuition paid if you are forced to withdraw due to serious personal illness, accident or for a diagnosed mental health condition.

Room, meals, or other charges are not insured under this policy.


No application is needed for undergraduate students, your tuition investment is automatically protected for a full academic year, unless you waive the coverage.  The tuition insurance fee of $120 for fall semester and $125 for spring semester, will be applied to your billing statement each semester you are enrolled at Puget Sound. Your tuition investment will be protected unless you waive the coverage by the first day of the fall semester.

A completed waiver, if submitted by the first day of fall semester, will be good for the entire academic
year.  If you wish to opt out of coverage, this form must be completed.  It will take one to two days to reverse the tuition insurance charge off your student account.  

Graduate Students are not automatically enrolled in this tuition insurance program and must apply for enrollment.

Questions regarding the Tuition Refund Plan should be addressed to A.W.G. Dewar at 617.774.1555.

Tuition Insurance Certificate of Coverage 2014-15