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Payment Options

Puget Sound offers several options for payment. Payment may be made by electronic check, check or cash; we are unable to accept credit cards.

Option 1: Payment in full

  • Payment for each semester's balance due must be paid in full by the payment deadline.

Option 2: Payment Plan

  • The payment plan allows for extended payments of the semester balance due across the months of the term. There is an $80 participation fee for using the extended payment plan. The first payment of the plan is due on August 5 for fall and January 5 for spring, with additional payments due the fifth or sixth of each month, as indicated on your payment plan detail. 1% late fees will be assessed for any payment not received by the due date. Late fees are cumulative. Authorized Users can enroll in a payment plan in Bill & Payment. Enrollment must occur before the first payment due date of the semester.  Students can also sign up for payment plans through their Bill and Payment link.

Option 3: PLUS or Private Education Loan

  • Parents or students may apply for loan funds to help cover all or a portion of the balance due. Loans must be applied for and approved prior to the payment deadline. PLUS Loan borrowers - please add the 4.2% origination fee to the amount needed.

Payment Deadlines

Fall semester: August 5
Spring semester: January 5

Please make checks payable to University of Puget Sound and include student's name and Puget Sound ID number. Mail checks to:

Student Financial Services
1500 N. Warner St.
CBM 1039
Tacoma, WA 98416-1039