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2014-2015 Transfer Reservation Statement

Once you’ve received your official admission packet from Puget Sound, please complete this form to let us know of your enrollment plans. Enrollment at University of Puget Sound is contingent upon receipt of the Advance Tuition Payment of $300.

Complete the form below (both enrolling and non-enrolling students).

Admission Reservation Statement - Transfer

Admission Reservation Statement - Transfer

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  • * Your ability to defer is contingent upon approval from the Office of Admission and the receipt of your $300 Advanced Tuition Payment. View Puget Sound's deferral policy here.

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Trouble Submitting Your Advance Tuition Payment?

If you experience difficulty submitting your Advance Tuition Payment, please make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off.  Still having trouble submitting your deposit? Try accessing the page again in a different browser. If the problem persists please contact Technology Services at or 253.879.8585.

Submit your Advance Tuition Payment Online

To submit your Advance Tuition Payment:

1. Log in to your Cascade account.

2. Click the Your Student Finances link.

3. If you're making the Advance Tuition Payment yourself, click the eDeposit tab to submit an electronic check deposit. To authorize your parents or someone else to submit the Advance Tuition Payment for you and to receive future billing information, click the Add-Update Bill Payer link. The person(s) you authorize will receive their own Cascade login information via email.

When you have completed your payment, you will receive a message that your Advance Tuition Payment has been received. All enrolling students must submit the $300 Advance Tuition Payment. 


Forgotten Cascade usernames and passwords can be retrieved at the Cascade website:

Forgotten Username | Forgotten Password

If you have any questions or need help accessing your Cascade account, contact the Office of Admission at 253.879.3211 or

Please note:

1. The Advance Tuition Payment is not refundable.

2. Under normal circumstances financial aid awarded by Puget Sound does not apply toward the Advance Tuition Payment.