Policies for Study Abroad

Ensuring a student's health and safety in a study abroad program will always be the guiding principle for program approval. The university has a adopted an advisory to students planning to study abroad. This advisory references the U.S. State Department travel warnings and also the current U.S. Government Center for Disease Control health directives. Advice from these agencies is regularly reviewed by international programs and may revise the approved program list.

All Puget Sound students, on any program, must stay in program-approved housing. No independent housing arrangements are permitted while students are enrolled and participating in a study abroad program.

In addition to issues related to health and safety, the University of Puget Sound Logger (Student Handbook) outlines all policies related to general eligibility, application for study abroad, and eligibility for financial aid and scholarships. As a reminder to all students planning on applying for study abroad, all students must be in good standing to apply. Good standing means that a student is not on academic probation, financial hold and does not have a disciplinary action pending.

Students participating in a university study abroad program pay Puget Sound tuition and fees, and in some cases, room and board. To assist in covering these costs, study abroad participants who enter Puget Sound in fall 2009 and beyond may use their federal and state financial aid and any institutional need-based and merit aid, up to their level of demonstrated financial need. For assistance in determining your unique financial aid eligibility for study abroad, please contact Student Financial Services.

Summer study abroad programs:

All students participating in summer study abroad programs will be billed for their program costs through Puget Sound. Students will pay the program costs of the sponsoring program provider plus a $500 administrative fee, and payment deadlines will be consistent with the deadlines established for regular on-campus summer term study. For more information please contact Student Financial Services.