Study Abroad Interest Form

International Programs Interest Form Copy

International Programs Interest Form Copy


    Study Abroad isn't just a year to experience a different culture. It is an academic experience and you should think about it through that lens. Do not confuse the benefits of traveling in a foreign culture with those of studying abroad. We want you to focus on the relationship between your proposed study abroad program and your academic pursuit at Puget Sound.


    While there are many study abroad programs, each program has its own unique teaching methods and academic structure. At one study abroad location, you could be sitting in lecture halls living the independent life of a New Zealander, Chilean, or German, while at another you could select a program with a cohort of other Americans and American-style support, or you could be in a rural area in Africa doing field work.

  • *Note that some programs combine aspects of multiple program types.


    Nice work! You're almost done with this form! We promise that study abroad is worth the effort!