Applying for Study Abroad

The following steps are designed to guide you through the study abroad application process.

Step 1: Get Started!

1. Learn about study abroad by attending one or several study abroad planning events.

2. Fill out an interest form.  This will trigger our office to set-up a pre-advising session with you.

3. Look at our list of programs and program evaluations from past participants.

Step 2: Discuss Options

1. Meet with an advisor in International Programs. You can schedule this after your pre-advising session.

2. Find a program that suits your academic needs: meet with your academic advisor to review options and email Lindsay Secrist if you have questions about how certain courses may transfer.

3. Meet with a consultant in Student Financial Services.

Step 3: Apply

1. Narrow it down to one program (or one program per term).

2. Submit your Puget Sound Study Abroad Application for Summer, Fall, Spring, or Full Year Programs. All applications are due at the same time.

Step 4: Next Steps

1. Review the Accepted Students website.

2. Attend an application meeting to discuss the steps to apply for your study abroad program.

3. Apply to your program (if it's a third party program).

4. Turn in Pre-Departure Forms & attend the mandatory Pre-Departure Session.