Checklist & Deadlines

Academic Year 2012-13 - Summer, Fall, Full Year, & Spring Programs

*All completed application materials are due by the dates below.


STEP 1:  Complete the Approval to Apply Form

The approval to apply is a required form for all students applying for summer, fall, full year and spring study abroad programs. Students complete the form along with a short essay and electronically send the materials to International Programs. 

Students can begin working on this form as early as August 1, 2011

Once International Programs receives the electronic approval form, International Programs staff requests clearance from the Dean of Students office of any conduct holds and Student Financial Services of any financial holds to a student’s record.

Students must receive approval from the IP office prior to beginning the formal program application.

December 1, 2011: Waseda 

January 17, 2012: Approval to Apply form for all other study abroad programs.

February 1, 2012: Lewis & Clark Munich and Passau Exchange



STEP 2: Receive letter from International Programs to begin the application process

After International Programs reviews the approval form and verifies that students meet the prerequisite requirements for the selected program, a letter is sent to the applicant with instructions for completing the on line program application.

Students must receive approval from the IP office prior to beginning the formal program application.

If the application requires a transcript, you will need to request a transcript from the Registrar’s Office (Jones 013). Please have the transcript mailed to the program provider and not our office. *Spring applicants completing a paper application need to have the transcript sent to the IP office (Howarth 215).

The applications may require an additional form signed by your study abroad advisor. If so, please print this form and deliver it to the International Programs Office (Howarth 215). Our office will then notify you when the form is ready to be picked up and you will be responsible for mailing the form to your program provider.

All program applications must be completed by the February 15 Puget Sound application deadline. (Provider application deadlines vary, however, Puget Sound students must meet the February 15 university deadline.)

Februrary 15, 2012: Applications for all summer, fall, spring and full year programs must be completed. 

Students should complete the on-line application forms for the following program providers: AIFS, Arcadia University, IFSA-Butler, CIEE, IES, SIT, SFS, ICCS Rome, Temple Rome, AHA London, DIS, CYA, AUC, CGE, URI

The following applications are available in International Programs (Howarth 215): Oaxaca, Mexico, ILACA Granada, Dijon, Waseda, L&C Munich, Passau Exchange, Taiwan summer and Kyoto summer.

*Spring Applicants*: Some of the applications for Spring 2013 will not be available online yet. If this is the case for your program, please print out the paper version of the application to complete. You need to turn in your paper application with all the necessary additional forms (transcript, recommendations, etc.) to the International programs Office (Howarth 215) by February 15th, 2012 at 5:00 p.m.! We will mail in your application for you (only if it is not possible to complete your application online). SIT applicants should have received instructions for completing thier essays.



STEP 3:  Complete the Study Abroad Course Evaluation Form

The course evaluation form is available by clicking on the link above. All study abroad applicants are required to complete the course evaluation form and electronically send it to the course evaluator in the Registrar’s office. 

You will need to meet with your academic advisor(s) to review course selections for your top pick program prior to completing this form.

February 15, 2012: The course evaluation form for all summer, fall, and full year programs must be submitted to Kathleen Campbell (

September 15, 2012: The course evaluation form for spring program must be submitted to Kathleen Campbell (

NOTE: Only complete a course evaluation for your top program.


STEP 4:  Complete the required forms for the International Programs Office

The following pre-departure forms are required for all study abroad participants:

Emergency Contact Form

Statement of insurance coverage

Student Agreement

Study Abroad Program liability agreement


In addition to these steps, please make sure that you are turning in the additional forms required by your program (i.e. transcripts, waivers, recommendations, etc.). It is your responsibility to meet your provider’s deadlines and to make sure all forms are sent to your program provider (i.e. – IFSA-Butler, IES etc.).