Sabbatical Fellowships

John Lantz Senior Fellowship for Research or Advanced Study

The following individuals were awarded a John Lantz Senior Fellowship for Research or Advanced Study in addition to their sabbaticals in 2014-15:

Priti Joshi
Professor, English
"Empire News: The Mofussilite Covers India"

Steven Neshyba
Professor, Chemistry
"Radiative and Microphysical properties of Coastal Clouds of Chile"

Wade Hands
Professor, Economics
"Choice and Equilibrium in Modern Economics"

Kurt Walls
Professor, Theatre Arts
"60 Plays, 60 Days"

Kent Hooper
Professor, Foreign Languages and Literature
"Online Archive of Illustrated Editions of the Mother Goose Rhymes"

Joel Elliott
Professor,Biology, and William L. McCormick Professor of Natural Sciences
"The Biology of Marine Anthropogenic Sulfide Seeps and Intertidal Community Ecology"

Jeff Tepper
Professor, Geology
"Geochemical Studies of Heavy Metals in the Sediment of South Puget Sound Lakes"


Mellon Junior Sabbatical Fellowship

The following faculty members were awarded Mellon Junior Sabbatical Fellowships in 2013–14:

Carl Toews
Associate Professor, Math and Computer Science
"Computational Optimal Control: A Gateway to Undergraduate Research in Applied Mathematics"

Alan Krause
Assistant Professor, Business and Leadership
"Organizational Commitment"

John Wesley
Assistant Professor, English
"The Missing Texts of Elizabethan Revenge Tragedy"



Jennifer Utrata
Assistant Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
"Masculinities in Transition"

Dan Burgard
Associate Professor, Chemistry
"The Effect of Legalized Marijuana on its Consumption: A Study of Tacoma Wastewater"

Pat Krueger
Professor, Music
"Literacy, Diversity, and the Arts: Enriching the Teaching Experience"

Amy Ryken
Professor, Education
"Layered Landscapes: Foregrounding Nature/Culture Interactions in Shaping the Land"

Tim Beyer
Assistant Professor, Psychology
"The Phonetic Characteristics of BEEN"

Ben Lewin
Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
"Illness Experience of Patients with Rare Diseases"

Jeff Grinstead
Assistant Professor, Chemistry
"The membrane as a catalyst: Can membrane environments trigger formation of annular oligomers"

Steven Zopfi
Associate Professor, Music
"Acoustics of Choir Standing Orders"

Tanya Stambuk
Professor, Music
"Keyboard Works of Franz Joseph Haydn"

Alisa Kessel
Philip M. Phibbs Associate Professor of Political Theory, Politics and Government
"Refusing Consent"

William Haltom
Professor, Politics and Government
"The Other 90,000 Governments"

Kena Fox-Dobbs
Assistant Professor, Geology and Environmental Policy and Decision Making
"Evolutionary and Ecological Responses of Small Mammal Communities to Habitat and Climate Change Over the Last Five Million Years"