Sabbatical Fellowships

John Lantz Senior Fellowship for Research or Advanced Study

The following individuals were awarded a John Lantz Senior Fellowship for Research or Advanced Study in addition to their sabbaticals in 2015–16:

Michael Johnson
Professor, Art and Art History
"Mapping: The Effect of Time, Place, and History as it Relates to the Contemporary Object"

William Kupinse
Professor, English
"Organic Modernism"

David Moore
Professor, Psychology
"Young Fathers and Young Couples in Relational Context: Narratives, Observed Patterns of Communication, and Physiology"

Hans Ostrom
Professor, African American Studies and English
"Nobody's God"

Geoff Proehl
Professor, Theatre Arts
"Chamberlain and the River: The Dramaturgy of Memory"

Caroyln Weisz
Professor, Psychology
"Racial Disparities in Homelessness: How Diversity Ideologies Influence Attitudes and Policy"

Mellon Junior Sabbatical Fellowship

The following faculty members were awarded Mellon Junior Sabbatical Fellowships in 2015–16:

Luc Boisvert
Assistant Professor, Chemistry
"Green Chemistry: Development of Catalysts for Hydrogenation and Amide-forming Reactions"

Amy Fisher
Assistant Professor, Science, Technology, and Society
"Switching Polarities: The Changing Identity of Electrical Science in the 18th and 19th Centuries"

Poppy Fry
Assistant Professor, History
"'Fellow Colonists': African Engagement With Imperial Politics in South Africa's Eastern Cape and Beyond"

Peter Hodum
Assistant Professor, Biology
"Conservation of Threatened Bird Communities in the Juan Fernandez Islands, Chile"

Jung Kim
Assistant Professor, Exercise Science
"The Role of MMP-9 on Skeletal Muscle Adaptation and Remodeling Under Varying Activity Levels"

David Latimer
Assistant Professor, Physics
"Electromagnetic Interactions of Majorana Fermions"

Siddharth Ramakrishnan
Assistant Professor, Neuroscience and Biology
"Studying the Impact of Early Embryonic Exposure to Low Doses of Bisphenol A on the Physiology of Gonadatropin Releasing Hormone Neurons"

Brett Rogers
Assistant Professor, Classics
"Troubling Teachers in Archaic Greece and Classical Drama"

Oriel Siu
Assistant Professor, Hispanic Studies
"Central American Novels From Diaspora and the Coloniality of Power: Towards a Decolonial Reading of Central American Literatures"


Richard Anderson-Connolly
Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
"Economic Foundations for Social Scientists: A Post-Keynesian Approach"

Gareth Barkin
Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology, and Asian Studies
"Study Abroad 'Provision' and the Cultural Tourism Economy"

Geoffrey Block
Professor, Music
"Adapting to Hollywood" and "Experiencing Beethoven"

Derek Buescher
Professor, Communication Studies
"Heretical Rhetoric: Military Defiance in the Age of Perpetual War"

Rachel DeMotts
Associate Professor, Politics and Government, and Environmental Policy and Decision Making
"Contemplative Ecology: Seeing and Studying Sustainability"

Dexter Gordon
Professor, African American Studies and Communication Studies
"Language and Identity in Jamaica"

Fred Hamel
Associate Professor, Education
"Trying on Workshop: Observing Choice-driven Writing With Upper Elementary Learners"

Mark Harpring
Associate Professor, Hispanic Studies
"Strike a Pose: The Body on Display in Modern Spain"

Robin Jacobson
Associate Professor, Politics and Government
"States of Immigration"

Julia Looper
Associate Professor, Physical Therapy
"The Effect of Foot Orthoses on Static and Dynamic Balance in Infants With Downs Syndrome"

Pierre Ly
Assistant Professor, International Political Economy
"Made in China: Wine Edition"

Danny McMillian
Associate Professor, Physical Therapy
Replacing Distance Running With Interval Training: The Effect on Injury Rates and Performance"

Amanda Mifflin
Assistant Professor, Chemistry
"Field Studies of Iron Availability and Reduction at Mineral Interfaces"

Jill Nealey-Moore
Associate Professor, Psychology
"Mindfulness-based Interventions for Weight Control: Dissemination and Next Steps"

Emelie Peine
Assistant Professor, International Political Economy
"'Still Just an Empty Field': The Case of Universo Verde and the Future of Chinese Investment in the Brazilian Soy Sector"

Brad Reich
Associate Professor, Business and Leadership
"Leaving it All on the Field, Including Criminal Responsibility?"

Maria Sampen
Professor, Music
"New Traditions and the 21st-century Violinist: Pluralism, Pedagogy, and Performance"

Benjamin Tromly
Associate Professor, History
"Shadow Wars: Russian Emegres in Cold War Strategy"

Bianca Wolf
Assistant Professor, Communication Studies
"The Convergence of the Communicative Processes of Forgiveness and Revenge" and "An Examination of Mediated Family Communication on the Social Network Site Facebook"