Sabbatical Fellowships

John Lantz Senior Fellowship for Research or Advanced Study

The following individuals were awarded a John Lantz Senior Fellowship for Research or Advanced Study in addition to their sabbaticals in 2013–14:

Judith Kay
Professor, Religion
"Vices of Domination: Moral Psychology in Dialogue with Neurobiology"

Jeff Matthews
Professor, Business and Leadership
"The Followership of Colin Powell: A Study of the Leader-Follower Paradox"

Eric Orlin
Professor, Classics
"Augustus and the Construction of Italy"

Douglas Sackman
Professor, History
"American Panorama: Rediscovering the History of the American West"

David Tinsley
Professor, Foreign Languages and Literature
"A Translation of Volume 15 of Fredrich Nietzsche's Unpublished Notes to Also Sprach Zarathrustra"


Mellon Junior Sabbatical Fellowship

The following faculty members were awarded Mellon Junior Sabbatical Fellowships in 2013–14:

David Andresen
Associate Professor, Psychology
"The Temporal Dynamics of the Human Mirror Neuron System"

Jennifer Hastings
Professor, Physical Therapy
"Enhancing Neurologic Rehabilitation Practice of New Zealand Physiotherapists"

Matthew Ingalls
Assistant Professor, Religion
"Loyalty in Form and Treachery in Substance:  A Critical Reading of the Late-Medieval Muslim Commentary Genre"