Institutional Review Board

Most students may request an expedited review by submitting their IRB proposals to the department review board representative. The forms that you need for this are:

Some students may need to submit their proposals for full IRB review. The necessary forms are available on the Institutional Review Board website.

Department of Psychology IRB Experience

"I am currently working for a company which conducts clinical trials of pharmaceuticals on human subjects of all ages. At the moment, we have patients enrolled in 12 studies including experimental flu vaccines, H1N1 (swine flu) vaccines, Avian flu vaccines, weight loss medications, as well as a pharmaceutical for dysmenorrhea (painful periods). This research process is similar to Psychology research in that components of testing include random, double-blind administration of drugs, IRB approval is necessary for all studies as well as informed consents, and statistical data analysis is required to analyze results. I am really enjoying my job as a research assistant, and if there is are any students interested in a career in clinical research, I would be happy to talk to them!"

--M. Norris '09