Sascha Agran, Percussion

Name: Sascha Agran '14
Hometown: Newtown, PA
Instrument: Percussion
Major: Bachelor of Music with elective studies in Business, Minor in Religion and Business
Residence: Off-campus
Musical Involvements: Symphony Orchestra (Principal), Wind Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, musical theater pit for Spring Awakening (2013) and Annie Wright School's Little Shop of Horrors (2013), percussionist in band "Young Ones" that performs in the area
Involvements Outside Music: Works for Catering Services

Why did you choose Puget Sound? I had always liked the Pacific Northwest, and I knew I wanted a different geographic location than the east coast where I grew up. I was looking for a school where I could get both an outstanding musical education and an excellent liberal arts background. Puget Sound was the perfect fit for those criteria.

Favorite thing about Puget Sound: As a whole, I find Puget Sound to be a very open place. People are generally very friendly, and I find myself proud to be associated with most of my classmates. This is pretty different for me because I didn't feel like I had much in common with my peers during high school. I love that the School of Music is such a tight-knit community, where, aside from going to teachers for help with ideas or assignments, I can easily find a classmate who can help. This is especially excellent because there are so many different and interesting perspectives on music and performance and it makes collaborating with other students especially rewarding.

Favorite classes:

  •  "Orchestration" (MUS 402) with Robert Hutchinson - Dr. Hutchinson is an excellent teacher who insists on a very high standard from his students, and I've found myself improving exponentially in all the classes I've taken with him. This class in particular gave me a lot of creative freedom in my assignments and I felt that this specific skill is an invaluable one for someone looking to be involved in the music industry.
  •  "Sufism" (REL 342) with Matthew Ingalls - I didn't know anything about Sufism coming into this class but Matt Ingalls was able to make the topic extremely accessible. Sufism (Islamic mysticism) was an absolutely fascinating topic, especially given that I'm interested in how religions overlap and Sufism is full of non-Islamic influences. Matt had originally sparked my interested with his "Jihad and Islamic Fundamentalism" (REL 222) class and this upper-level class went way beyond any topic I'd ever covered. I learned a ton about Sufism, but also about myself and my own personal beliefs. 

Favorite Musical Memory at Puget Sound: Getting to play a ridiculous drum solo every night for the Spring Awakening musical was really fun and the whole dynamic of the pit orchestra was awesome. Throwing my sticks off the stage at the end of the show was pretty cool, too; you don't get to do that too often in classical music.

Favorite Place on Campus: I really love being in the South Quad at night. Aside from the fact that I like the dark, it's one of the only times there aren't loads of people. Whenever I've needed some time to just think or figure something out, I tend to just wander the paths there. Something about the combination of the lights from the street lamps and dorm rooms leaves a kind of twilight and I find it really peaceful and beautiful. I'll even go out there in the pouring rain because it's still gorgeous. For just chilling on campus, I like the piano lounge. It's right next to Diversions Café so I can get coffee and just people watch if I don't have work to do.


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