Maggie Manire, Voice

Name: Maggie Manire '14
Hometown: Centennial, CO
Instrument: Voice (Soprano)
Major: Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance, Religion minor
Residence: Off campus
Musical Involvements: Winner of 2013-2014 Concerto-Aria Contest, What She Said (co-president), Adelphian Concert Choir, Voci d'Amici, Curtain Call, 2013 Recipient of Bruce Rodgers Adelphian Award for choral leadership
Involvements Outside Music: Office Assistant for Puget Sound Sailing

Why did you choose Puget Sound: I applied Early Decision to Puget Sound because I liked the ideal of liberal arts education and the freedom to study music as little or as much as I wanted. The deal was sealed when I came to visit and just saw myself under the trees - it felt like home.

Favorite thing about Puget Sound and the School of Music: My favorite thing about the School of Music is the friendships I have made, as well as the wonderful professors (especially Gwynne Brown and Christina Kowalski) who have encouraged me, engaged me with their enthusiasm, and truly placed students' learning as a top priority.

Favorite Classes:

  • "Western and World Music since 1914" (MUS 333) with Dr. Brown was an engaging and insightful history course that challenged the way I think about music and its relationship to the world around it.
  • "Religions of the Book" (REL 204) with Greta Austin was a great humanities core requirement and convinced me to be a religion minor! Greta is an extremely engaging professor and this class really opened my mind and gave me a new perspective on many issues that are present in the U.S. today, especially in a post-9/11 world.

Favorite Musical Memory: My favorite musical memory at Puget Sound was when I played the role of Thea in our production of Spring Awakening in Spring 2013. It was a fabulous experience to collaborate with the Theater Arts department and work with my advisor Dawn Padula, who is also the director of Vocal Studies, in a new environment.

Favorite Place on Campus: My favorite places on campus are both of the coffee shops: Diversions Café and Oppenheimer Café. You always run into someone you know, and can get your caffeine fix at the same time.


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