Emily Neville, Bassoon

Name: Emily Neville '14
Hometown: Cypress, TX
Instrument: Bassoon
Major: Double major with Music and Economics
Residence: Off-campus
Musical Involvements: Principal bassoon in Symphony Orchestra and Wind Ensemble, member of multiple chamber groups, summer music festivals (most recently an international music festival in Tuscany)
Involvements Outside Music: KUPS Radio D.J., UPS Q&A, Puget Sound Catering

Why did you choose Puget Sound? Initially, the only goals in my college search were to get out of Texas and play music. I emailed around to bassoon teachers and hit it off with the bassoon professor here. After visiting the campus, talking to students, and sitting in classes and rehearsals, I knew Puget Sound would be a great fit for me.

What is your favorite thing about Puget Sound and the School of Music: I appreciate how easy it easy to choose your own path. I walked in to Puget Sound wanting to do music and I discovered a passion for economics. I ended up finding my way into a double major with the help of my advisors. Everyone here (faculty and students) is incredibly helpful and I am thankful for the great amount of support and advice I've received. I also love the vast amount of performing opportunities with the School of Music!

Favorite Classes:

  •  "Western and World Music since 1914" (MUS 333) with Gwynne Brown. Dr. Brown has a fantastic way of communicating her enthusiasm and passion for music history to her students and challenging us to think critically about the works we have studied.
  • "Contemporary Economics" (ECON 170) with Lisa Nunn. She encouraged students to apply the basic concepts of economics to many different situations, sparking my interest in the subject.

Favorite Musical Memory at Puget Sound: I really enjoyed playing Beethoven's Choral Fantasy [Fantasy in C Minor for Piano, Chorus, and Orchestra, op. 80] my first year. It was the largest ensemble I've ever performed with (all three choirs and symphony orchestra) and just a really fun piece to be a part of.

Favorite Place on Campus: Diversions Café! It's an awesome place to do homework and hang out with friends.


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