Andrew Friedman, Clarinet

Andrew Friedman, clarinet

Name: Andrew Friedman ‘14
:  Novato, CA
: Clarinet
: Double majoring in Clarinet Performance and English
: University Hall
Musical Involvements: Winner of 2012-2013 Concerto Aria Competition, Wind Ensemble (co-principal), Symphony Orchestra (principal), Clarinet Ensemble (E-flat clarinet), chamber trio with cello and piano, the Blue Shades Clarinet Quartet
Future Plans: Plans to attend graduate school for clarinet performance

Favorite Thing(s) about Puget Sound and the School of Music:
The intimate artistic climate of the School of Music provides an ideal platform to develop and share my own brand of music-making in the context of solo repertoire and ensemble performance. This is a place that encourages students to study and achieve in all facets of music-making; I was free to pursue supplementary studies in composition and conducting besides my work in performance, and they taught me to see the music-making process from every angle (as a composer, conductor, and performer). I feel that alongside technical musical knowledge I've been taught to perceive music in a more emotional, human way — my experiences here have allowed me to connect the abstractions of sound with the very real colors, images, and sensations of life. This is probably due largely to the close interactions between School of Music faculty and students. Some of the most inspirational moments of my life have occurrred in conversation with a professor during office hours, on the podium in the ensemble rehearsal room, or in the sanctified space of a clarinet lesson.

Favorite Class: "The Lord of The Ring: Wagner's Ring of the Nibelung" (HUM 316), a Humanities Connections course taught by Geoffrey Block. I entered the class with an overwhelming set of prejudices, misconceptions, and false expectations, yet despite all of them I emerged totally in love with the soul-stirring motivic tapestries of Wagner's Ring operas. It made me question my own notions of art and its boundaries (particularly its moral ones), and I now perform Wagner's stunning music at each and every opportunity.

Why did you choose Puget Sound?
Andrew loved visiting campus and just felt very comfortable and “at home” here and fell in love with the campus. He really connected with clarinet teacher Jennifer Nelson and appreciated that she was really involved with and truly cared about her students.

Favorite place on campus:
The Music Lounge – it has comfy couches and friendly faces.

The Music Lounge