Summer Music Festivals & Summer Opportunities

Summer Music Programs
If you are entering your junior or senior year (although you don’t have to wait until then), you are coming upon an important time when you should begin utilizing summers to prepare for your next step beyond Puget Sound.  Summers should now be a time when you gain performance, teaching, working, or internship experience specific to your career aspirations.  This selective list provides a sampling of programs for which you might consider applying or auditioning.

Listings on this page are provided for information purposes only.  They do not constitute a formal endorsement by the School of Music or the University of Puget Sound.  If there is a program you know that you think should be added to the list, please let the music office know.

General Music Programs
Berklee College of Music
Berklee College offers several summer programs, including a Five-Week Summer Performance Program, an Acoustic String Festival, Bass Lines, Berklee in Dublin, Berklee in Los Angeles, Berklee Percussion Festival, Brass Weekend, Business of Music, Grief and Loss Therapy Institute, Guitar Sessions, Music for Video Games, Music Production Workshop, Summer Institute for Piano Teachers, Saxophone Weekend, Songwriting Workshop, Stage Performance Workshop, and a Vocal Summit. 

Brevard Music Center
Four hundred students each summer enroll in the summer program, located in Brevard, North Carolina, divided into high school and college divisions.  Brevard offers five programs in orchestral studies, piano, composition, voice for high school students, and opera for college students.  The programs vary between six and seven weeks, and all require an audition.  Financial aid is available.  Two Puget Sound faculty, Professor Maria Sampen, Associate Professor of Violin, and Timothy Christie, Affiliate Artist in Violin, are on the faculty.

Marrowstone Summer Music Festival
Marrowstone accepts around 180 musicians each summer at Western Washington University in Bellingham.  Marrowstone’s program is designed for string, woodwind, brass, percussion, harp, and piano students aged 13-23.  The program involves orchestra study and performance, chamber music study and performance, master classes and electives, and a concerto competition.  There is also an additional fellowship program available for advanced collegiate students aged 18-25.  Nearly every summer between one and three Puget Sound students serve as fellows.   

Music Academy of the West
The Music Academy of the West invites 140 young classical singers and instrumentalists for eight weeks in Santa Barbara, California, to study with guest artists, conductors, and faculty.  Auditions are required.

Aspen Music Festival
This is a nine-week festival with over 350 events and David Zinman as the musical director.  It includes more than 750 students and 200 artist-faculty.  Opportunities are available for all wind and string instruments, guitar, voice, composition, audio recording, and conducting.  Puget Sound has consistently sent students to this festival located in Aspen, Colorado.

Chautauqua Music Festival
The Chautauqua Music Festival has three distinct programs for instrumental music, piano, and voice, with each program seven weeks in length.  For instrumentalists, there is a full-sized orchestra that rehearses daily, along with chamber music, six private lessons per student, and a minimum of twelve hours per week of reserved practice time.  There is also a mock-audition process for students to take part in. 

For the piano program, students will have a weekly curriculum that includes private and master class lessons, chamber music coaching with both the teachers in the program and internationally-renowned artists.  Abundant practice time is available, along with student performance opportunities, professional training seminars, along with a piano competition. 

Those participating in the voice program take part in voice lessons, role preparation, diction classes, and vocal classes are available.  Two operas are performed each summer.  Singers are expected to sing seven days a week, and will be given one meeting per day, in the form of either a coaching, lesson, rehearsal, or recital.  Located in Chautauqua, New York.      

Banff Summer Music Festival
Banff Summer Music Festival includes several different programs—a chamber music residency, percussion residency, collaborative piano internship, master classes for strings and winds, piano master classes, brass ensemble residency, and the Banff Festival Orchestra.   Puget Sound faculty and students have attended this festival in the past.  Located in Banff, Alberta, Canada.

Tanglewood Music Festival
The Tanglewood Music Festival offers many opportunities for musicians to work with the BSO and additional opportunities not offered at all summer music camps or festivals.  There are many programs offered here—the instrumental program, the opera and vocal studies program, a conducting program, a composition program, piano-instrumental and vocal program, orchestra library fellowship, audio engineering fellowship, publications fellowship, publications fellowship, and the piano technology program.  Each program has its own audition and application process, so follow the links for more information.  Located in Boston, Massachusetts.     

IES Vienna Summer Music Program
IES Vienna’s summer program is designed with the music performance major in mind, but it is also suitable for other talented musicians.  There are three components to the summer program, in which everyone is involved—music history on a featured topic that varies year to year, performance studies, along with study of the German language, ranging from a beginning to advanced level.  The performance studies includes group sessions and lectures, and individual technical training of up to six hours of private instruction is included in program fee.  Audition is required for the performance studies portion of the summer program.  Puget Sound has sent a number of students to this program in the past.  Located in Vienna, Austria.

Eastern Music Festival
The Eastern Music Festival is a wonderful orchestral training opportunity for students ages 14-22.  The Festival is a five weeks program which has both an orchestral and piano program.  The piano program provides up to 21 students the special opportunity to study with some of the best teachers in the country, along with master classes, and even classes on everything from technique to the history of the instrument.  The orchestral program features two student orchestras which rehearse six times a week, resulting in a weekly concert.  The orchestras are equal in ability and chair placement changes weekly.  Audition is required.  Located in Greensboro, North Carolina. 

Hot Springs Music Festival
The Hot Springs Music Festival provides experience in orchestral, chamber, solo recital, vocal, choral and chamber opera repertoire.  Located in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas.

MasterWorks Festival
MasterWorks is an intensive four-week festival for advanced and passionate students of music, dance and theater. Each year 250 students from around the globe participate in this unique festival that combines artistic excellence and biblically-sound teaching. Students and a faculty of 90 live and work on the campus of Grace College, in the quaint and picturesque community of Winona Lake, Indiana.

Sewanee Summer Music Festival
The Sewanee Summer Music Festival is an internationally acclaimed summer festival which combines a month-long program for advanced music students with a professional concert series. Each summer at Sewanee, over 180 exceptionally talented young musicians gather to study, perform, and share their musical lives. The atmosphere is intense but always supportive.  Faculty mentors work closely with their students, and learning takes place across a full spectrum of activities.  Students perform at least twice weekly, in both orchestra and chamber music, and attend faculty and guest artist concerts, master classes, and other special events. The SSMF curriculum includes 2 full orchestras, chamber music, private lessons, master classes, composition classes, conducting, audition preparation, health, and many other topics.

Madeline Island Music Camp
The Madeline Island Music Camp focuses on chamber ensembles and has two different camps—one for strings and piano, and the other for woodwind and horn.  The string and piano camp is open to advanced high school and college aged students, up to age 24.  Ensemble members receive daily coaching, and each week a private lesson, and a semi-private lesson with another member of the chamber ensemble.  Public performances take place every weekend.  The Chamber Music for Winds is a program for those at either the collegiate undergraduate or graduate level.  In addition to daily technique classes, coachings, and private lessons from members of the Prairie Winds, seminars are held about topics such as peak performance, communication, and audition preparation.  Madeline Island is located in northern Wisconsin.      

Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival
The Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival offers a multitude of programs in all areas of the arts—not just music.  For strings, woodwinds, and brass, there are chamber music opportunities, orchestra, wind ensemble, and jazz studies.  Also offered are classical and world percussion, accordion and harmonica, gospel choir and gospel piano, classical voice and choral groups, cabaret singing, and opera and musical theatre.  Located in Fairbanks, Alaska.  

New England Conservatory
The New England Conservatory offers a wide variety of summer institutes and intensive weekends.  Check out the website for a full listing.  Located in Boston, Massachusetts. 

The Rome Festival Orchestra
Instrumentalists and singers are invited to study, live in the center of Rome, and to perform with the Rome Festival Orchestra, Opera, Ballet, Concert Chorus, and chamber music ensembles.  The age range of the participants is from early 20s to early 60s.  Located in Rome, Italy.  

International Academy of Music                              
This program changes location each year to a different international setting.  It is a 10-day program that features four private lessons, chamber ensembles, master classes, public performances by selected students, and concerts featuring performances by faculty and guest artists.  Location changes yearly. 

The National Repertory Orchestra           
The NRO is an intensive fellowship that works to equip young musicians for orchestra music careers.  Two full orchestra concerts are performed each week, along with smaller chamber concerts.  Located in Breckenridge, Colorado. 

The Philadelphia International Music Festival
The Philadelphia International Music Festival (or PIMF, as it’s colloquially known in the industry) is a summer music camp offering students from throughout the U.S. and abroad the unique opportunity of spending up to 14 days immersed in classical music education and performance with members of the world-renowned Philadelphia Orchestra. The festival takes place in June, but now is the time to register. There are only 10 open spots in the Piano Division, for example!

Next summer’s programs at the Philadelphia International Music Festival can prove to be enriching and invigorating for your students, aiding in your own efforts to develop their skills. And, if they sign up before the end of September, they can take advantage of a $400 scholarship discount.

Round Top Festival Institute
The festival is six weeks long, and is for advanced musicians 18 and older.  Symphony orchestra, chamber orchestra, chamber music, and solo repertoire are included in the program.  About 85 participants are permitted through audition and recommendation.  Enrollment includes 24 violinists, 8 violists, 8 cellists, 6 basses, 3 flutists, 3 oboists, 3 clarinetists, 3 bassoonists, 5 French horns, 4 trumpeters, 3 trombonists, 1 tuba, 6 percussions, 2 harpists and 4 pianists.  Those accepted are also encouraged to enroll in the concerto competition.  Located in Round Top, Texas.

Colorado College Summer Music Festival             
The 45 advanced student musicians who attend the festival participate in small chamber ensembles, festival orchestra, master classes, auditioned concerto readings with the orchestra, and private lessons. The festival student concert series presents two festival orchestra concerts and numerous small ensemble performances, all open to the public. Students range in age from high school seniors to graduate students.  Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Bowdoin International Music Festival Summer Study 
This program is designed for serious performers with advanced musical ability who are motivated by and comfortable with a significant amount of independence.  Students work to advance their skills through private lessons, masterclasses, and through chamber music.  There are three programs, instrumental (piano and strings, including guitar and harp), woodwind, and composition.  Located in Brunswick, Maine.

National Music Festival
The Festival brings together world-class mentors and gifted apprentice musicians on the cusp of their professional careers. The two groups rehearse and perform together in orchestral, chamber, solo recital, vocal, choral and chamber opera repertoire. For two weeks each June, these musicians live and work together, presenting more than 20 concerts and over 250 free open rehearsals for music lovers from all over the world.

Atlantic Music Festival
AMF provides complete financial coverage for tuition and housing during the four weeks of residency. The Fellowship Program seeks gifted young artists for the following disciplines: woodwinds, brass, percussion, harp, piano, strings, opera, composition, conducting, and audio engineering between the ages of 18 and 34. Accepted applicants will be featured as resident artists at The 2011 Atlantic Music Festival.

Summit Music Festival
The Summit Music Festival is New York's summer institute for extensive chamber music and instrumental training. This three-week festival offers chamber and instrumental music programs for high school, college, and young professionals (ages 14 and up); an adult program for the advocational musician is also offered.The festival features a daily array of special events, such as concerts, lectures, and master classes throughout the three-week music festival.

Lake George Music Festival
As a performance based festival, LGMF bridges the gap between faculty and students. There are no teachers or students, private lessons, master classes or organized studios. Rather, a unique roster of distinguished artists and young musicians at the cusp of their professional careers collaborate together in chamber music ensembles, a full orchestral setting, and enjoy informal social gatherings to connect with colleagues of past and present.  For one week each August, musicians attend solely as a way to advance intellectually, artistically, and professionally; working closely together in a tight-knit community and nurturing atmosphere performing daily open rehearsals, free public concerts, and outreach events in this picturesque' end of summer finale.'

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Instrument-Specific Festivals and Camps

String and Piano

Taos School of Music
Taos School of Music is located in beautiful northern New Mexico.  Participants are professionally oriented, ages 18-29, and play violin, viola, cello, and piano.  Audition is required and the program lasts approximately eight weeks.    

Montecito Summer Music Festival
The Montecito Summer Music Festival is a three-week program for talented string and piano players that focuses on improving technical skills and honing musicianship.  Each student receives two private lessons and two chamber music coachings per week.  Selected students also have the opportunity to play in master classes, along with performing concertos with the chamber orchestra, and playing in chamber music pieces with members of the faculty.  Located at Westmont College, in Santa Barbara, California.

Icicle Creek Chamber Music Institute                     
This program is a chamber music intensive experience, approximately 4 weeks in length, open to advanced high school and college level string and piano players.  Audition only.  Located in Leavenworth, Washington.


Max Aronoff Viola Institute                        
Intensive 3-day study retreat for VIOLISTS age 14-adult. Curriculum includes technical seminars, master classes, viola chamber music, new music, professional and student recitals. Located at Bastyr University near Seattle Washington.


UTSA Flute Camp            
This camp provides a week of flute playing, featuring classes on tone development, technique, and solo and etude literature, as well as a flute choir.  Bring your flutes and piccolos; alto and bass flutes will be available.  Located at the University of Texas, in San Antonio, Texas.   

Summer Music at Woldingham                 
This program combines the International Flute Course and the International Saxophone Course, which have both established themselves as the leading flute and saxophone summer schools in the U.K. 

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Other Opportunities

Puget Sound offers the opportunity for students to apply for a Summer Research Grant in order to conduct research in the area of their choosing, both in the sciences and in the arts, humanities, and social sciences.  Students in the School of Music have recently received awards for projects in music history, music business, and folk music.