Noon Recitals


The Noon Recital Series takes place each Tuesday, beginning approximately the sixth week of every semester, from 12:00 to 12:50 p.m. Normally performances are limited to 10 minutes per student or ensemble—exceptions to this limit must be at the consent of the student’s applied music instructor or ensemble coach and are contingent on scheduling.


Students Obtaining Degrees in:

Bachelor of Music in Music Education
Bachelor of Music with Elective Studies in Business
Bachelor of Arts in Music

  • Required: One performance in The Noon Recital Series in both the junior and senior years.

All Other School of Music Students:

  • May perform in The Noon Recital Series as approved by their instructors.


Step 1: Check date availability and sign up in the School of Music office with Operations Manager Carole Christensen. If you have a class that ends at 12:20 p.m. or begins at 12:30 p.m., let Carole know and you will be placed accordingly on the program.

Step 2: Two weeks or more prior to your performance (at the latest), complete the required Noon Recital Series Program Form. The School of Music Style Guide for Instrumental Recital Programs or School of Music Style Guide for Vocal Recital Programs must be followed when submitting recital information. Full text and translations for vocal pieces are not required in The Noon Recital Series.

Step 3: Save a copy of your Noon Recital Series Program Form (see form link above) on your computer.

Step 4: Send the Noon Recital Series Program Form (see form link above) as a Word attachment to your teacher for their review and approval (copying Patti Sumich at, and ask your teacher to forward this information after they have reviewed and approved it to Patti Sumich ( in the Office of Public Events.

The Office of Public Events is only responsible for the preparation and printing of program information received at least 10 days prior to the performance date.


If you need Denes, our staff accompanist, to accompany you, no later than two weeks before your scheduled Noon Recital performance:

Step 1: Provide the staff accompanist with a copy of your score by placing an original score, (or if you don't have an original, make sure that any copies are clear, clean, complete e.g., no clipped margins, and copied back to back) in Denes' mailbox along with a note, providing your name, email address and performance date. If you have previously performed the piece with the accompanist, don't assume that any copies were retained.

Step 2: Schedule at least one rehearsal and sign up for it as soon as you know you are performing on the Recital. The available rehearsal slots for any week may be limited, so it behooves you to sign up early. If you are already working with the staff accompanist for an upcoming performance or have previously performed the repertoire in question, you may not need a rehearsal, but this waiver will be only at the discretion of the staff accompanist.

  1. A sign up sheet for each week will be posted on the staff accompanist's door (Room 312) with available appointments.  Sign up for an open slot (or two). You will NOT receive confirmation by email. Please note: If you are signing up for the earliest slot on the next day Denes is on campus, understand he may not have seen that and you should contact him by email to notify him.
  2. If you are the first person to sign up on particular day, feel free to pick any time. If you are the second, third, etc., please try to sign up close to the time of the other people.
  3. Only if you cannot find an open slot that works with your schedule should you email Denes Van Parys and request another time.

Step 3: Use this time with the staff accompanist fruitfully. Be prepared. Have an agenda. Be willing to take the time to make your joint performance the most it can be.