University Chorale: 2004-05

Work Composer Date Performed
Still, Still, Still Arr. Norman Luboff 10/23/2004
Shalom Rav (Great Peace) Simon Sargon 10/23/2004
Amor Que Une Con El Amor Grandisimo
Love  That Unites ME With The Greatest Love
Phil Basler 05/04/2005
She Moved Through The Fair David Mooney 05/04/2005
Liebeslieder Waltzer, op.52 Johannes Brahms 05/04/2005
Ton The (You Tea?) Arr. Susan Brumfield 05/04/2005
The Water Is Wide Gwynth Walker 05/04/2005
Buffalo Gals Arr. Bob Chilcott 05/04/2005
Clementine (Variations on an American Folk Song)  John David Earnest 05/04/2005