Student Chamber Ensemble: 2011-12

Work Composer Date Performed
Octet in E-flat Major, Opus 20 F. Mendelssohn 9/16/2011
Rhythm-a-ning T. Monk 9/16/2011
"Eduardo" from Duetti for two violins L. Berio 9/16/2011
Come Down Heavy, "Drill Ye Terriers" E. Chambers 9/16/2011
Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G Major J.S. Bach 9/16/2011
Flute Quartet M. Zavortink 9/16/2011
Joy Spring C. Brown 9/16/2011
"George" from Cabaret Songs W. Bolcom 9/16/2011
Sonata for piano and violin in F Major, Opus 24 L. van Beethoven 11/21/2011
Piano Quartet in G minor, K. 478 W.A. Mozart 11/21/2011
Piano Trio, Opus 90, "Dumky" A. Dvorak 11/21/2011
String Quartet in E-flat Major, Opus 12 F. Mendelssohn 11/21/2011
Piano Quintet in G minor, Opus 57 D. Shostakovich 11/21/2011
Octet for wind instruments (1923) I. Stravinsky 11/21/2011
Circulo: Fantasy for piano, violin, and cello, Opus 91 J. Turina 4/16/2012
"Achieved is the Glorious Work", from the Creation J. Haydn 4/16/2012
Cantiga Brasileira G. Gagliardi 4/16/2012
Suite Quatuor for four trombones, Opus 82 F. Peeters 4/16/2012
Auf dem Strom (On the River), D. 943 F. Schubert 4/16/2012
Sonatina for flute (violin) and guitar, Opus 205 M. Castelnuovo-Tedesco 4/16/2012
String Quartet in F Major M. Ravel 4/16/2012