Percussion Ensemble: 2011-12

Work Composer Date Performed
Ogoun Badagris C. Rouse 12/5/2011
Twilight T. Brostrom 12/5/2011
Two-Part Inventions J.S. Bach 12/5/2011
Three Koans M. Zavortink 12/5/2011
Gainsborough T. Gauger 12/5/2011
October Mountain A. Hovhaness 4/30/2012
Digga-Digga Digga-Digga Digga-Digga Digga-Digga Dee-Got! D. Jarvis 4/30/2012
March for Two Pairs of Kettledrums A. & J. Philidor 4/30/2012
Enter the Master J. Carr 4/30/2012