Percussion Ensemble: 2010-11

Work Composer Date Performed
Fanfare for Tambourines J. Alfieri 12/6/2010
Piece for Three Pairs of Hands Clapping G.A. Prior 12/6/2010
Music for Pieces of Wood S. Reich 12/6/2010
Crystal Cannon J. Tenney 12/6/2010
5 Mbiras J. Benkes 12/6/2010
Ragtime Robin G.H. Green 12/6/2010
Tom-Tom Foolery A. Abel 12/6/2010
Ceremonial P. Creston 5/2/2011
Variations on a Ghanaian Theme D. Levitan 5/2/2011
Valse Brilliante G.H. Green 5/2/2011
Toccata C. Chavez 5/2/2011
The Whole Toy Laid Down D. Hollinden 5/2/2011
Lex M. Daugherty 5/2/2011