Percussion Ensemble: 2009-10

Work Composer Date Performed
Tihai B. Faegre 12/7/2009
An Injury to One N. Sophiea 12/7/2009
Rochambeaux B. Mason 12/7/2009
Normandy Beach- 1944 D. Gillingham 12/7/2009
The Wave K. Abe 12/7/2009
Cold Pressed D. Holinden 5/3/2010
Concerto for Timpani J. Beck 5/3/2010
Trio Per Uno, in three movements N. Zivkovic 5/3/2010
Dimensions 5 J.W. Moore III 5/3/2010
Stand Up Shadow M. Ford 5/3/2010
Lamento and Danse Barbara N. Zivkovic 5/3/2010