Percussion Ensemble: 2008-09

Work Composer Date Performed
A Bird Whispered Your Children are Dying (excerpt) M. Udow 12/2/2008
Rock Etude M. Udow 12/2/2008
Second Construction J. Cage 12/2/2008
Limejuice A. Lipner 12/2/2008
Music for Pieces of Wood (excerpt) S. Reich 12/2/2008
The Typewriter L. Anderson 12/2/2008
Spanish Waltz G.H. Green 12/2/2008
Marimba Spiritual M. Miki 12/2/2008
Marimba Quartet D. Levitan 5/4/2009
Uneven Souls for marimba solo, percussion, and male chorus N. Zivkovic 5/4/2009
Living Room Music J. Cage 5/4/2009
Afta-Stuba! M. Ford 5/4/2009
Stained Glass D. Gillingham 5/4/2009