Dorian Singers: 2004-05

Work Composer Date Performed
O Virgo Splendens Anon. 14th Century Spain 10/23/2004
Personent Hodie Arr. Dean Rishel 10/23/2004
Canticle of Mary Jeffery L. Ames 10/23/2004
Swansongs Bob Chilcott 05/04/2005
A Song of Rain Anne Boyd 05/04/2005
Itsuki No Komoriuta (Lullaby of Itsuki)
From Three Japanese Folksongs 
Arr. Misuzu McManus 05/04/2005
Had I The Heavens Embroidered Cloth Michael Cleveland 05/04/2005
Set Me As A Seal Richard Nance 05/04/2005
Weep No More David Childs 05/04/2005
Log Drivers Waltz Arr. Ron Smail 05/04/2005
Dear John, Dear John (Puncuated By Love?) Stephen M. Hopkins 05/04/2005
Double Shot (Honey in the Rock) Stephen Hatfield 05/04/2005
Music Down In My Soul Moses Hogan 05/04/2005