Brass Works: 2008-09

Work Composer Date Performed
In Time of Silver Rain E. Ruehr 10/25/2008
Canzon 33 T. Massaino 10/25/2008
Fugue in G Minor J.S. Bach 10/25/2008
Quintet M. Arnold 10/25/2008
Quipperies L.E. Shaw 10/25/2008
Suite for Trombones K. Serocki 10/25/2008
Funeral Music from Gotterdamerung R. Wagner 10/25/2008
Up-Country Tune P. Grainger 10/25/2008
Grassauer Zwiefacher J. Koetsier 10/25/2008
Canzone Napolitana con Variazioni H. Bellstedt 10/25/2008
We Shall Overcome- a Presidential Fanfare S.M. Newby 4/5/2009
Sonatina A. Homzy 4/5/2009
The Book of the Hours K. Leland 4/5/2009
Ghost Rider K. Turner 4/5/2009
Gnomus D. Johnson 4/5/2009
Moanin' B. Timmons 4/5/2009