School of Music Programs 2013-14

Jacobsen Series: Finisterra Piano Trio 9.20.13

Collage Program 9.27.13

NW Honor Choir 10.5.13

Symphony Orchestra 10.11.13

Jacobsen Series: String Festival 10.12.13

Wind Ensemble 10.17.13

Jacobsen Series: 17th Century German Sacred Music for Voices and Organ 10.25.13

Fall Choral Concert 10.26.13

Guest Faculty Recital: Julio Elizalde, piano, 11.3.13

Faculty Recital: Exploration 11.8.13

Symphony Orchestra 11.15.13

Jr. Recital: Zachary Hamilton, violin 11.17.13

Guest Artist Recital: Gregory Lee, violin 11.20.13

Faculty Recital: An Evening of Vocal Works 11.22.13

Student Chamber Music Recitals-two concerts in one evening 11.25.13

A Winter's Hope, Adelphian Concert Choir and Voci d'Amici 12.7-8.13

Wind Ensemble Tour to California Program 1.8-16.14

Jacobsen Series: Got Opera? 1.31.14

Faculty Recital Series: Virtuosic Masterworks for Cello and Piano 2.2.14

Jacobsen Series: Chanson d'Amour: Chamber Works for Voices, Violin, and Piano/Four Hands 2.7.14

Senior Recital: Andrew Friedman, clarinet 2.9.14

Symphony Orchestra 2.21.14

Student Recital: Faithlina Chan '16 and Anna Schierbeek '16, cello 2.22.14

Jazz Band 2.26.14

Jacobsen Series: From the Music Hall to the Cabaret: Chamber Works by Weill and Poulenc, 2.28.14

Jacobsen Jr.-A Children's Concert, A Musical Storytime 3.1.14

Adelphian Concert Choir and Dorian Singers 3.7.14

Wind Ensemble 3.8.14

Symphony Orchestra and Chamber Ensembles 3.8.14

Senior Recital: Aidan Meacham, cello 3.9.14

Joint Junior Recital: Brenda Miller, piano, and Bronwyn Hagerty, cello, 3.9.14

Adelphian Concert Choir "Home" Concert 3.28.14

Junior Recital: Delaney Pearson, clarinet, 3.29.14

Opera Scenes 4.4-5.14

Mother Earth, Concert Band and Wind Ensemble, 4.11.14

Faculty Recital: The Passion of the Piano, Duane Hulbert, piano, 4.13.14

Joint Junior Recital: Whitney Reveyrand, flute; and Georgia Martin, cello, 4.19.14

Faculty Recital: Puget Sound Piano Trio, 4.19.14

Two Chamber Music Concerts, 4.21.14

Final Thoughts, Symphony Orchestra, joined by Adelphian Concert Choir, Voci d'Amici, Chorale, and Dorian Singers for Fauré's Requiem, 4.25.14

Faculty Recital: 23rd Annual Bethel Schneebeck Organ Recital, 4.27.14

Joint Junior Recital: John Lampus, and Jordan Eade, vocal, 4.27.14

Senior Recital: Alex Adams, vocal, 4.27.14

Senior Recital: Kyle Long, vocal 5.2.14

Joint Junior Recital: Akela Franklin-Baker, and Hannah Wynn, vocal, 5.3.14

Senior Recital: Maggie Manire, vocal, 5.3.14

Joint Junior Recital: Will Delacorte, vocal; and Brady McCowan, saxophone, 5.4.14

Percussion Ensemble, 5.5.15