School of Music Programs 2013-14

Jacobsen Series: Finisterra Piano Trio 9.20.13.pdf

Collage Program 9.27.13.pdf

NW Honor Choir 10.5.13.pdf

Symphony Orchestra 10.11.13.pdf

Jacobsen Series: String Festival 10.12.13.pdf

Wind Ensemble 10.17.13.pdf

Jacobsen Series: 17th Century German Sacred Music for Voices and Organ 10.25.13.pdf

Fall Choral Concert 10.26.13.pdf

Guest Faculty Recital: Julio Elizalde, piano, 11.3.13.pdf

Faculty Recital: Exploration 11.8.13.pdf

Symphony Orchestra 11.15.13.pdf

Jr. Recital: Zachary Hamilton, violin 11.17.13.pdf

Guest Artist Recital: Gregory Lee, violin 11.20.13.pdf

Faculty Recital: An Evening of Vocal Works 11.22.13.pdf

Student Chamber Music Recitals-two concerts in one evening 11.25.13.pdf

A Winter's Hope, Adelphian Concert Choir and Voci d'Amici 12.7-8.13.pdf

Wind Ensemble Tour to California Program 1.8-16.14.pdf

Jacobsen Series: Got Opera? 1.31.14.pdf

Faculty Recital Series: Virtuosic Masterworks for Cello and Piano 2.2.14.pdf

Jacobsen Series: Chanson d'Amour: Chamber Works for Voices, Violin, and Piano/Four Hands 2.7.14.pdf

Senior Recital: Andrew Friedman, clarinet 2.9.14

Symphony Orchestra 2.21.14

Student Recital: Faithlina Chan '16 and Anna Schierbeek '16, cello 2.22.14

Jazz Band 2.26.14

Jacobsen Series: From the Music Hall to the Cabaret: Chamber Works by Weill and Poulenc, 2.28.14

Jacobsen Jr.-A Children's Concert, A Musical Storytime 3.1.14

Adelphian Concert Choir and Dorian Singers 3.7.14

Wind Ensemble 3.8.14

Symphony Orchestra and Chamber Ensembles 3.8.14

Senior Recital: Aidan Meacham, cello 3.9.14

Joint Junior Recital: Brenda Miller, piano, and Bronwyn Hagerty, cello, 3.9.14

Adelphian Concert Choir "Home" Concert 3.28.14

Junior Recital: Delaney Pearson, clarinet, 3.29.14

Opera Scenes 4.4-5.14

Mother Earth, Concert Band and Wind Ensemble, 4.11.14

Faculty Recital: The Passion of the Piano, Duane Hulbert, piano, 4.13.14

Faculty Recital: Puget Sound Piano Trio, 4.19.14

Two Chamber Music Concerts, 4.21.14