School of Music Programs 2015–16

Tune in to live performances at Schneebeck Live

Jazz Jacobsen: A Centennial Celebration of Billy Strayhorn, Billie Holiday, and Frank Sinatra, 9/11/15

Collage 2015 Faculty/Student Showcase, 9/18/15

Jacobsen: A Tale of Unrequited Love, 9/25/15

Jacobsen: Beauty and Power: A Recital of Virtuosic Piano Works, 10/2/15

The City of Tomorrow Woodwind Quintet, 10/6/15

Symphony Orchestra John Adams SHAKER LOOPS American Music for String Orchestra, 10/9/15

Synthesis, Wind Ensemble, 10/16/15

Jacobsen: American Soundscapes: A Journey Through Nature as Imagined by Some of the Best American Contemporary Composers, 10/23/15

Jacobsen Jr.: A Musical Journey, 10/24/15

Fall Choral Extravaganza, 10/31/15

Jazz Orchestra with guests PLU Jazz Ensembles and TCC Jazz Band, 11/2/15

Jacobsen: Arias, Arias, and MORE Arias!, 11/6/15

Symphony Orchestra 11/20/15

Student Concerts of Chamber Music 11/23/15

Around the World in 80 Minutes, Wind Ensemble and Concert Band 12/4/15

The Darkest Midnight in December, Adelphian Concert Choir and Voci d'Amici, 12/5/15 and 12/6/15

'Tis the Season, Chorale and Dorian Singers, 12/8/15

Jacobsen: Strings Attached, 1/22/16

Jacobsen: Songs and Dances for Cello, 2/5/16

Jazz Orchestra, 2/11/16

Symphony Orchestra, 2/19/16

Musical Program RENT, 2/26/16

Jr. Recital: Forrest Walker, viola

Wind Ensemble, 3/10/16

Adelphian Concert Choir "Home," 3/26/16

Student Recital: Daniel Wolfert, composition, 3/26/16

Jacobsen Series: Finisterra Piano Trio, 4/1/16

Sr. Recital: Brandi Main, violin, 4/2/16

Sr. Recital: Alexandra Hospenthal, soprano, 4/2/16

Joint Recital: Lauren Park '16, soprano, Michael Stahl '17, baritone, 4/2/16

Sr. Recital: Freya Scherlie, mezzo-soprano, 4/3/16

Sr. Recital: Jane Brogdon, tenor, 4/3/16

Recital: Minna Stelzner '16, alto saxophone, 4/3/16

Jr. Recital: Jesse Kuras, double bass, 4/5/16

Symphony Orchestra, 4/8/16

Sr. Recital: Jenna Tatiyatrairong, clarinet, 4/9/16

Sr. Recital: Faithlina Chan, cello, 4/9/16

Sr. Recital: Anna Schierbeek, cello 4/9/16

Sr. Recital: Stephen Abeshima, euphonium, 4/10/16

Sr. Recital: Gavin Tranter, trumpet, 4/10/16

Jr. Recital: Tim Flock, alto saxophone, 4/12/16

Wind Ensemble and Concert Band, 4/14/16

Jacobsen Series: Puget Sound Piano Trio, 4/15/16

Joint Recital: Sarah Brauner, soprano, and Sophia El-Wakil, violin, 4/16/16

Sr. Recital: Lauren Eliason, soprano, 4/16/16

Schneebeck Organ Recital, 4.17.16

Sr. Recital: Alex Simon, baritone, 4/17/16

Sr. Recital: Kimberly Thuman, viola, 4/17/16

Student Concerts of Chamber Music, 4/18/16

Joint Recital: Alaina Davis, soprano, and Megan D'Andrea, mezzo-soprano, 4/23/16

Joint Recital: Lindsey Long, soprano, and Gabriel Lehrman, tenor, 4/23/16

Sr. Recital: Clara Fuhrman, violin, 4/23/16

Joint Recital: Davis Hampton, bass clarinet, and Zane Kistner, euphonium, 4/24/16

Jr. Recital: Larissa Freier, violin, 4/24/16

Soph. Recital: Christine Sears, cello, 4/28/16

Jazz Orchestra, 4/29/16

Soph. Recital: Colin Babcock, flute, 4/30/16

Jr. Recital: Megan Reich, flute, 4/30/16

American Vistas, Adelphian Concert Choir, 5/1/16

Percussion Ensemble, 5/2/16

Starry Night, Chorale and Dorian Singers, 5/3/16